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How To Tell If You Overpronate

Frequent runners are definitely more prone to aches and pains, but the way your feet turn when you run can have a huge effect on the likelihood of developing more severe problems with your feet, ankles, knees and back.


What is Overpronation?

Your foot rolls when you walk or run, with the outside of the heel hitting the ground first, followed by a small inward rolling as the middle and ball of the foot make contact. Usually, this inward rolling, or pronation, is limited to about 15%, but in cases of overpronating, the foot rolls much further inward, causing a misalignment that puts excessive pressure on the big and second toes often resulting in serious problems with the feet and ankles. Your foot is more likely to collapse, or roll inward if you have low arches, or flat feet.


Signs of Overpronating

The wear patterns on the bottom of your footwear will give you a very good indication of whether you are overpronating or not. Neutral pronation generally results in an even wear pattern over the entire bottom of the shoe, whereas overpronators will notice a pronounced increase in wear on the inner side of the foot, and possibly in the big toe area as well. Overpronation can cause plantar fasciitis and heel pain. It may also lead to the development of bunions and calluses.


Treatment of Overpronation

  • Footwear with good arch support that minimizes foot movement
  • Checking with your foot doctor about custom molded orthotic inserts
  • Stretching exercises before and after running
  • Replacing your running shoes frequently


If you are experiencing signs of overpronation that are causing you pain and discomfort, don’t wait until the problems get worse. Taking good care of your feet by seeing a podiatrist when problems arise is a great strategy for avoiding further complications.


The foot specialists at ETL Podiatry in Briarwood and Melville, NY, have unparalleled experience in treating all aspects of foot and ankle problems. Our team of doctors is dedicated to serving you with all of the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact one of our offices located in Melville, NY (631-549-8637) and Briarwood, NY (929-336-4523).

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