4 Foot Disorders Common in Kids

If your child is suffering from foot or ankle pain, you may need to do a little sleuthing to determine what the problem is since kids frequently can’t fully communicate their symptoms. If your child exhibits behaviors such as walking on tiptoes, limping, or some other unusual sign, a foot or ankle problem may be … Continued

Hammertoe Woe

The only toe not susceptible to bending into the shape of a hammer is the big toe. All the other toes can adopt this curious condition, which is a progressive deformity that will only worsen over time often causing additional problems in the process.   What is the Cause?   An imbalance between the muscle … Continued

Various Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus infections can range from mild to severe. While a mild infection can be successfully treated with home remedies, it is important to monitor your infection to make sure it isn’t spreading. A severe fungal infection can lead to amputation. A minor toenail infection may have the following symptoms:   White lines or spots … Continued

Foot Surgery Facts

If you are contemplating having foot surgery, here is some information that may be helpful.   When is Foot Surgery Needed? When one or more of the following conditions exists, foot surgery may be necessary: A deformity or structural issue needs to be corrected You can no longer use your foot for everyday activities You … Continued

Achilles Tendinitis Can Happen To You!

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body, and connects the calf muscle to your heel bone. As you may have been incorrectly lead to believe, it’s not just marathon runners or hard-core athletes that are susceptible to this type of injury, but people of all ages, whether active or not. It’s very … Continued

How To Tell If You Overpronate

Frequent runners are definitely more prone to aches and pains, but the way your feet turn when you run can have a huge effect on the likelihood of developing more severe problems with your feet, ankles, knees and back.   What is Overpronation? Your foot rolls when you walk or run, with the outside of … Continued

Top 4 Causes of Ankle Pain

If you’re like most people, you have probably injured your ankle at some point in your life. Our ankles are extremely sensitive and also help support our full weight, so they are very susceptible to injury. It can be difficult to identify exactly what is causing a particular ankle pain, so here are the top … Continued

Diabetes and Amputation

Having diabetes puts you at higher risk of foot complications, including the possibility of amputation in severe cases. People with diabetes have poor circulation, a loss of feeling in the feet, and a lower ability to fight infection that all contribute to this increased risk.   Some of the Risk Factors for Amputation: Numbness—Damage to … Continued

Annoying Morton’s Neuroma

Can you imagine the infuriating sensation of having an imaginary pebble in your shoe? That is the major symptom of this condition that causes a metatarsal ligament to trap a nerve resulting in pain and inflammation usually between the second and third, or third and fourth metatarsal heads in the ball of the foot. If … Continued

Why Does My Arch Hurt?

The long arch on the bottom of the foot undergoes considerable stress from daily activities and often becomes irritated and inflamed causing considerable pain and discomfort. The cause of arch pain is frequently associated with structural imbalances. These can often be corrected by using properly fitted shoes and orthotics that give support and prevent irritation … Continued