Cracked Heels

This is a common foot problem that is usually just a minor annoyance for most, but it can become very painful and debilitating when the cracks deepen into fissures making it difficult to walk and stand. The cracks can also bleed and possibly become infected. Typically, cracked heels are a result of having very dry … Continued

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

What is tarsal tunnel syndrome? Your tarsal tunnel is a channel that exists between part of your ankle bone and a group of ligaments that span over your foot. This tunnel carries the nerves, tendons, and arteries that enable you to move your foot. One of the main nerves inside the tarsal tunnel is the … Continued

It’s Hammertoe Time!

Just as the name implies, a hammertoe is a deformity that causes a toe to become permanently bent at the middle joint, resembling a hammer. The second, third, and fourth toes are most commonly affected. This abnormality occurs when the muscles, ligaments and tendons that hold the toe in position are no longer doing their … Continued

Why Does My Heel Hurt?

Heel pain has a wide variety of different causes. It is usually associated with poor gait mechanics which can be observed and treated by a foot specialist. A bruise or other injury caused by running and jumping on hard surfaces may also cause enough stress to trigger a disabling pain in the heel. Other causes … Continued

Toenail Fungus Can Lead to Other Problems if Left Untreated

Toenail fungus not only becomes more common as we age, but it can lead to other potential foot problems. “People who have toenail fungus are more likely to get skin infections between their toes,” according to Dr. John Swartzberg, of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. Preventing toenail fungus involves proper foot hygiene and keeping the … Continued

Plantar Wart Treatment

Three out of four people will develop a wart in their lifetime. Warts are contagious, but they are completely harmless. Plantar warts appear on the bottom of the foot, and they are caused by a virus. These warts are spreadable as well as contagious. Kids are most susceptible to getting plantar warts because their immune … Continued

Flip-Flops: Dangerous for Your Feet?

Flip flops are easy to take on and off, however they are dangerous for your feet. Everyday flip flop use can cause plantar fasciitis. Stress fractures, tendinitis, and shin splints are also problems that stem from wearing flip flops too often. Flip flops that are too small for your feet might give you blisters and … Continued

Athlete’s Foot affects both Men and Women

Contrary to popular belief, Athlete’s foot equally affects both men and women, which opposes the long heralded idea that the condition mostly affects men. According to the dermatology department at South Korea’s Kyung Hee University Medical Center, of 676 patients treated for Athlete’s foot, 53.1% were male and 46.9% were female. People who wear shoes … Continued

High Heels can be detrimental for Foot Health

While high heels are often a popular choice for footwear among women, many foot experts agree that heels can be detrimental to foot health due to various reasons. While wearing heels can make the legs appear longer, a 2012 study has discovered that the shorter strides of heel wearers can cause the leg and feet … Continued

Summer Flip-Flops can be Harmful

During the summertime, many people choose flip-flops as their daily footwear of choice for their convenience and easy wearability. However while flip-flops are inexpensive and easy to wear, they can also cause foot and leg pain. Warmer weather often sees an increase in tendinitis, stress fractures, and other injuries that are exacerbated by wearing flip-flops. … Continued