Barefoot Running As Possible Treatment for Flat Feet

For those who have flat feet, running barefoot may help strengthen muscles in your arch and ankles. Those who do a lot of physical activity or run often may experience their flat feet lacking pronation, when the arch compresses to help with shock absorption as force is exerted on the feet. The force is instead … Continued

Flat Feet

Flatfoot is a foot condition in which the arch of the foot has either partially or totally dropped or has never developed. While it is common in babies and small children, it can become a problem for them in adulthood if the arch never forms. For adults, the development of flat feet can be brought … Continued

Predators Eric Nystrom Out with Broken Foot

Eric Nystrom of the Nashville Predators sustained a broken foot on January 26, putting him out indefinitely as he recovered from the injury. Nystrom has played up to three seasons with the Predators, but may be unable to continue as he recovers. Nystrom suffered the injury when he was clipped by Captain Shea Weber. A … Continued

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for a Broken Foot

One out of ten broken bones is reported to be in the feet. When an object crushes, bends, or stretches the bone beyond acceptable ranges, bones break. A break in the foot is either a fracture or a straight break. The location of any break can tell you how the break happened. Toes, for instance, … Continued

Siena’s Marquis Wright On Recovery from Stress Fracture

Siena Star Guard Marquis Wright suffered a stress fracture and is on recovery for as long as 6 to 8 weeks, unable to play in Siena’s games. Wright sustained the injury in late December during practice. Up until the injury, Wright “is one of just four players in Division I averaging at least 17 points, … Continued

Dealing with Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle

Stress fractures are small breaks in the bone that are caused by repetitive stress. They typically occur due to overuse, forcing the bones of the foot or ankle to continually absorb the full impact of each step someone takes. Stress fractures can also be caused by abnormal foot structure, osteoporosis, bone deformities, or wearing improper … Continued