Why Does My Arch Hurt?

The long arch on the bottom of the foot undergoes considerable stress from daily activities and often becomes irritated and inflamed causing considerable pain and discomfort. The cause of arch pain is frequently associated with structural imbalances. These can often be corrected by using properly fitted shoes and orthotics that give support and prevent irritation to the foot joints and the skin.

A variety of conditions can contribute to arch pain including:

  • Plantar fasciitis—an inflammation of the large ligament that supports the arch
  • A pronated foot—a tendency to roll inward at the ankles contributes to arch pain
  • Flat feet
  • Overuse—from being on your feet all day
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome—can cause pain to radiate to the arch
  • Osteoarthritis—joints in the middle of the foot can become painful

It is always a good idea to seek the advice of a foot specialist in the initial stages of arch related pain to determine the cause and review strategies for treatment to prevent the problems from recurring or becoming worse.

Exercises to stretch the calf muscles and arch may help relieve pain and increase flexibility. It is important to continue these exercises even after symptoms have subsided. Orthotic inserts can be particularly effective in supporting the arch and removing much of the stress to the arch.

Taping can also be used for more robust arch support and to restrict motion. If these strategies are not providing relief, your foot doctor will check for conditions such as arthritis or a pinched nerve that may be the cause of the pain.

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