Annoying Morton’s Neuroma

Can you imagine the infuriating sensation of having an imaginary pebble in your shoe? That is the major symptom of this condition that causes a metatarsal ligament to trap a nerve resulting in pain and inflammation usually between the second and third, or third and fourth metatarsal heads in the ball of the foot. If there’s no rock in your shoe, it may be a good idea to visit your foot doctor for proper evaluation and recommendations for treatment.


While the consensus is still out on any particular cause of this condition, it appears to be a result of injury, soreness, and pressure on one of the nerves that extend into your toes. Women are diagnosed with this disorder much more frequently than men due to the wearing of high-heeled shoes. Playing high impact sports, skiing, jogging and any activity, which causes repetitive trauma to the foot, can also be a factor. It is also more likely to occur in individuals with other foot deformities such as hammertoes, bunions, and flat feet.

Treating Morton’s Neuroma

Your foot doctor will determine the proper course of action depending upon the severity of your neuroma and your particular situation. Depending on the individual circumstances, suggestions may include:


  • Changing your footwear. Shoes that have a wider toe box to relieve pressure on the interdigital nerve.
  • Reducing wear on your feet by limiting sports or other strenuous activities.
  • Properly placed foam pads may relieve pressure and irritation
  • Orthotic inserts
  • Anti-inflammatory medications will provide some relief.
  • Ice to numb the area.
  • Steroid injections, which can provide long-term abatement of symptoms, but may cause degeneration of soft tissues with repeated use.
  • Surgery to remove the affected nerve. This will only be recommended for more severe cases.


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