Hot or Burning Feet

The sensation that your feet are burning can be particularly unnerving, to say the least. And peripheral neuropathy, which is a primary cause of that burning foot feeling, is a result of damage to or constriction of your nerves. This phenomenon has a range of severity from merely a mild, inconveniencing numbness to debilitating burning and pain that can be totally disabling. The most common cause of burning feet syndrome is complications from diabetes. Excessive alcohol consumption over a long period of time can also cause damage to the peripheral nerves causing burning and numbness.


Some other conditions that can cause you to experience hot feet are:


  • Kidney disease
  • Athlete’s foot and nail fungus
  • Hypothyroid
  • Medication side effects
  • Blood vessel swelling
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Artery disease


Treatment for hot feet caused by diabetes should be discussed with your doctor. A combination or blood sugar control, diet, and medications are all part of a comprehensive treatment plan.


Other treatments for burning feet sensations may include:


  • Eliminate alcohol—this will help prevent additional nerve damage and allow damaged nerves to begin the healing process.
  • Kidney dialysis—Toxins built up in the blood can cause numbness and burning in the feet, and cleaning the blood removes these toxins.
  • Vitamin injections—since low B vitamins can cause burning feet problems, injections can often help heal the damaged nerves.


The causes of hot feet can be many and varied. Your doctor may suggest a variety of tests including nerve conduction, urine and blood tests, and possibly a spinal fluid test. For burning caused by mechanical deformities such as neuromas, special orthotic inserts bay be helpful at isolating the area and allowing healing to commence.


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