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Foot Warts—What a Pain!

Sometimes you can develop a large wart on the bottom of your foot right where the ball or heel of your foot is located. These warts, called plantar warts, are often forced to grow inward due to all the weight bearing down on these parts of your foot. Frequently, you won’t even be able to distinguish the outline of an actual wart since it is covered with a thick layer of skin. The only indication will be a bump—and the severe pain every time you take a step!


Symptoms that you may have a plantar wart include the following:


  • A lump or bump of hard skin usually on the heel or ball of the foot. This skin could be hiding a painful wart underneath.
  • You can also develop and actually see warts on other parts of the foot, with telltale grainy and bumpy structure and the small black pinpoints at the center. These are called wart seeds, but are really just tiny blood vessels that have clotted.
  • Extreme pain in the heel or ball when you put weight on your foot.


Warts on your feet are not usually a major health problem, and a variety of home and/or doctor’s treatments can be effective at controlling and eliminating foot warts. These may include:


  • Gradually peeling away layers of the wart with a combination of abrasives and acid peeling solution available at your pharmacy.
  • Your foot doctor can use liquid nitrogen to freeze troublesome warts into submission. This can be combined with acid peels and may take several treatments.
  • Your doctor can also prescribe an antiviral medication that attacks the human papilloma virus, which is a known cause of warts on the skin.


Since the cause of warts is the human papillomavirus (HPV), you can avoid contracting them by using common sense methods to avoid exposure, such as always wearing sandals or shower shoes when using public facilities like gyms, lockers, and showers.


If you need help with foot warts contact your podiatrist for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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