Foot Pain from Running

Although running is a fabulous form of exercise since it requires very little investment to get started, the repetitive movements and stress encountered during the pounding that your body endures while engaged in this exercise can lead to a variety of debilitating injuries or even the occasional broken bone. Despite the risk, regular exercise is … Continued

Types of Foot & Ankle Fractures

While professional and Olympic athletes may be more susceptible to experiencing fractures due to the intense level of force and strength they encounter on a regular basis in competition and training, a fracture of the foot or ankle can happen to anyone and is one of the most common injuries treated by podiatrists.   Two … Continued

Peripheral Artery Disease & Your Feet

Many people experience issues with peripheral artery disease and aren’t even aware they are suffering from the condition. Since September is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Awareness month, this is an excellent opportunity to get the word out so more people can be treated for this potentially severe ailment. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is caused by … Continued

Foot Ulcers & Diabetes

Patients with diabetes need to be particularly wary when it comes to cuts and scrapes on the feet. Two common complications of diabetes include peripheral neuropathy and peripheral artery disease. These conditions can combine to create a potentially dire situation requiring aggressive treatment including amputation of a toe or foot.   What is peripheral neuropathy? … Continued