What Are Sesamoid Bones?

An interesting fact about the sesamoid bones that separates them from others is that they are not directly connected to any other bone and float freely. They are surrounded by muscle or connected to tendons and ligaments. The largest sesamoid bone in your body is the kneecap. There are also two much smaller, pea-sized sesamoid … Continued

How to Treat a Stress Fracture

Frequently seen in runners and athletes, stress fractures (or hairline fractures) are created by the repetitive pounding that occurs during recreational and competitive sports, especially those that involve a high degree of running, jumping, and fast stops and starts, such as tennis, soccer and basketball. Additionally, a stress fracture can occur when a sedentary individual … Continued

Foot Fungus May Spread Without Treatment

Fungal infection on the feet is a common condition that usually starts between the toes and can spread very fast to other areas, especially the toenails. Yeasts and molds may also cause these types of infections. Fungi really love the warm, humid, and dark environment created by wearing socks, shoes and sneakers. The condition is … Continued

Selecting the Correct Running Shoe

Getting regular exercise through running is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your health, with benefits to your cardiovascular system, a pronounced decrease in heart disease and obesity, and quantifiable boosts in mood and mental health. The only things you need to take advantage of all these benefits is a properly … Continued