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Treating and Preventing Blisters on Your Feet

Blisters can vary in size considerably, but even a small blister can become painfully irritated and possibly infected, especially in patients who have diabetes. Blisters are caused by a combination of heat, moisture, and rubbing that occurs with your footwear. Minimizing these factors can go a long way to blister prevention. Some tips to help

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What Is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a foot deformity that affects nearly one out of every one thousand children.  It is an inherited condition that is characterized by the inward rotation of the ankles. This anomaly often causes the bottoms of both feet to face each other, but one foot only may also be affected. This problem needs to

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foot fracture

Different Types of Foot Fractures

A fracture of the foot or ankle is a risk taken by professional athletes on an almost daily basis, but it can happen to anyone. A broken foot or ankle is a leading cause of a visit to your podiatrist’s office. Different types of foot and ankle fractures The two major types of bone fractures:

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How To Treat Hammertoes

A hallmark of this abnormality is a bend in the middle joints of the middle toes. They will appear in the shape of a hammer, which is why they are called hammertoes. This is likely to be caused by an imbalance between the muscles and tendons in the toes and can be exacerbated by wearing

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Arthritis Often Hurts Your Feet and Ankles

Various types of arthritis can cause severe pain and discomfort in the joints, and, since each of your feet has more than thirty joints, they are frequently affected. Joints in the feet and ankles can become stiff, swollen and painful, making it hard to walk or just taking off and putting on your shoes. Developing

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toenail health

Your Toenails Can Indicate Health Problems

The color and texture of your toenails can indicate problems such as nutritional deficiencies, systemic diseases such as diabetes, and bacterial and fungal toenail infections. Signs of many problems often show up in your extremities first, so your toenail condition should be monitored regularly. Toenail changes that may indicate other health issues include: Dark or

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plantar fasciitis

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

The wide, fibrous tissue that spans the bottom of your foot can become irritated and inflamed from too much stress, causing serious pain and discomfort. This condition, called plantar fasciitis, can also strike those who have been inactive for a while and then suddenly decide to start exercising. Complications often radiate to the heel area

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sprained ankle

Treating a Sprained Ankle

A twisted ankle that causes a severe sprain is a very common occurrence. People who have had previous ankle injuries that were not properly treated are more susceptible to having future sprains. This is because repeatedly spraining your ankle and not getting proper treatment from your podiatrist causes chronic instability in the joint that may

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custom orthotics

Using Custom Orthotics To Stop Foot Pain

Custom-made orthotic shoe inserts and braces are fabricated and molded to fit your precise foot shape. When used in combination with properly fitted footwear, orthotics will alleviate and treat a wide variety of foot and ankle problems. Properly formed and fitted custom orthotics can also postpone or entirely prevent the need for surgery in many

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foot fungus

How to Avoid Athlete’s Foot Fungus

Peeling, itchy, and burning skin are the symptoms when an athlete’s foot fungal infection gets all over your feet. While the physical effects are annoying and even debilitating, the foot odor can also be quite unpleasant. The fungi that cause this infection are very prevalent in the environment, so the best way to avoid getting

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