Overpronation Causes Foot, Knee, and Back Problems

The correct way for your foot to operate when you walk or run is for the outer part of the heel to make contact first followed by the middle and ball of the foot. If your foot rolls excessively inward during this rotation it creates a condition called overpronation. The misalignment can cause arch and heel pain and also create problems with your knees, hips, and back.

Having untreated flat feet or fallen arches is usually the cause of overpronation. You can tell if you have flat feet by wetting your feet and then standing on a flat surface. If your foot leaves a full imprint without a gap in the middle, then you probably have flat feet.

Symptoms that you may be having overpronation problems include the following:

  • Observe the wear patterns on your shoes—The pattern of wear on the bottom of your shoes is a telltale sign of possible gait abnormalities. An even wear pattern is normal. However, if the inner side of your shoes and the ball area show signs of excessive wear, then you have a pronation problem.
  • Heel discomfort—Heel pain is often a sign that you are experiencing overpronation. The condition called plantar fasciitis that affects the arch can be a major cause of heel pain.
  • Developing toe deformities—People who have untreated flat feet are also more susceptible to developing toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes.

If you are experiencing foot pain from untreated flat feet, see your foot doctor to help correct the problem. The foot specialists at ETL Podiatry in Briarwood and Melville, NY, have unparalleled experience in treating all aspects of foot and ankle problems. Our team of doctors, Geoffrey C. Epstein, D.P.M. Matthew J. Tavroff, D.P.M.Stuart B. Leon, D.P.M. Robert J. Leon, D.P.M. dedicated to serving you with all of the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact one of our offices located in Melville, NY (631)-549-8637 and Briarwood, NY (718)-657-8921.

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